In the beginning Silverback chaps were designed to be Very Protective, Very Light but also very easy and comfortable to use. With over 15 years of farriery  and 20 years of weight lifting experience, our aim at silverback chaps was to create the finest chaps that money can buy. To bring the farriers apron into the twenty first century.

Since 2007, Silverback Chaps have worked tirelessly to create the world’s greatest chaps. In September 2011, we finally created the most comfortable and ergonomic pair of chaps on the market. With the innovative abdominal sling, dorsal support and bi-lateral fastening system, these unique patented design aspects allow a perfect fit every time, avoiding undue stress and injury. 

Our outstanding, team developing very high quality materials make these chaps some of the lightest on the market, with ultimate protection, creating a core stabilising system along with a great pair of chaps.

So OUR goal was to take of farrier’s chaps and add protective key features and pack them in to the product. One of the first things we did was add our DNA 5.75 mm impact foam underneath our heavy duty 3.2 mm chrome leather... Offer the most protection from any farrier chaps on the market. 

But the main purpose of these chaps is the core stability system, which reduces the stress on the lower back by the compression of the abdominal cavity. This is achieved with the use of the unique patented abdominal sling, dorsal support and the bi-lateral fastening system ensuring a perfect fit.

This combination increases the IAP (intra-abdominal pressure), providing more support to the front of the lower spine, which in turn allows the erector muscle of the spine to function under less force, thus creating a dynamitic spinal support system whilst shoeing or trimming horses.


Often Farriers suffer from a chronic sprain, herniating discs, sciatica and general aches & pains from repetitive work and postural stress. These conditions can lead to a weakening to the Pelvic girdle musculature, weakening pelvic stability. this is where Silverback Chaps come into their own, by enhancing the Transverse Abdominous.

All achieved with the aid of the patented abdominal sling, dorsal support and bi–lateral fastening system. Wearing these Chaps whilst shoeing/trimming makes the wearer more aware of their position whilst under the horse. 

The unique fit and sensation of the Chaps against one’s self whilst shoeing/trimming should prompt the wearer to maintain good posture, therefore activating other muscle groups to work instead of predominately one’s lower back. In this case the chaps do not need to be worn too tightly for the desired effect.

If you do have problems with your lower back or the bottom of the spine, these chaps also provide excellent support with a fully adjustable system giving maximum support to the pelvis and lower lumber, while at the same time stabilising the sacrum when you need it. All this is achieved while allowing the joints to move naturally. 


They can be worn for longer periods of time (than that of a weight lifting belt or single dorsal supports for example), supporting normal muscles and joint function, reducing the likelihood of muscular atrophy.


This system is not intended to be a cure for any condition, but we believe that PREVENTION is better than a cure and these may help towards a treatment program with Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.



All our materials are sourced within the UK and most importantly all our chaps are made in the UK.